Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

Duck on Pond
Whether drizzling from the sky as rain, shrouding the landscape in soft fog, calving thunderously off an iceberg, or steaming skyward from your tea kettle, Water is the essence of life on our planet. Our Earth is known as the "Water Planet." Water supplies us with a wealth of natural beauty. The rushing river, the meandering stream, the magnificence of the oceans and the sublimity of a mountain spring are but a few of the delights that water brings us in nature. 

Water is a great healer in all its forms, whether solid as ice, liquid as flowing rivers, or steam as from hot springs. It keeps up hydrated and detoxified when we drink it, it cleanses our bodies when we wash with it, it cools us as a cold drink when we are overheated, it warms us as a soothing cup of hot tea on a chilly day. Mixed with soluble nutrients, Water is the medium by which they become available for our nourishment.

In the environment Water nourishes our crops, cleanses our air and fills our reservoirs and our groundwater supplies. It provides habitat for countless species in its oceans, lakes and rivers; even the frozen poles provide for the creatures that inhabit them. Water provides us topsoil to grow plants in with its slow but relentless wearing away of stones, the product of which is then carried to our streams and rivers to be further enriched with minerals and nutrients in the silt that is created. Mixed with organic matter that decomposes, our soil becomes a medium that nourishes all plant life. None of this would be possible without the life giving force that is Water.

Water is a shape-shifter, a magician; bound only by the rules of atmospheric surroundings it survives all conditions. Water never dies, but adapts to its circumstances by altering its structure in response to the environment. If we learn nothing else from water as an ally, this lesson is of import. The core of healing is coming into harmony with the world; water is an exemplary model of this kind of surrender and adaptation. Emulating water's ability to survive all circumstances is a healing pursuit.

Working with Water as an ally can be a life-long quest. Its omnipresence in our lives gives us opportunities daily to appreciate, explore and engage this powerful ally. Think about Water the next time you take a drink of it, dip your toes in the ocean, bathe in a shower or just sit by a stream, watching it trickle by. Say a prayer to Water, thank it for its presence in your life. Open to Water's gifts by meditating with it in all its forms. Speak to Water, listen to Water, stand out in the rain, eat some snow, play in the mud. See what communication can open when you are receptive to Water's essence.