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4 Point Celtic Knot

Rain Splash

This visualization can be done sitting at your desk, lying down, or even better, standing in the rain or in your shower!

Showers renew the earth, cleanse the air and bring forth new life. Allying with the element of water, of which so much of your body is made, is a wonderful way to effect cleansing and healing.

​If you have the opportunity to do this visualization in contact with a shower of water, wonderful - otherwise the benefits can be equally reaped by aligning your awareness with water and moving through the visualization without the direct contact.

As you stand in a shower, or visualize yourself in one, feel water running over your body. Feel its caress and its power to wash discomfort or dis-ease from you. Feel the renewing effect of the water flowing through your body, as though you are porous and the water can literally wash clear through your body, renewing, cleansing. Move your consciousness into any areas of your body that feel blocked or painful, then connect with the water, feel its ability to wash the pain or suffering down your body and away from it, into the ground or down the drain. 

Take as much time as you need to address all areas of your body where you feel discomfort. When you have done this, visualize a final flush of water through your body, bringing renewal, precious minerals and nutrients to your body. Take a moment to thank the water for its help and return to ordinary consciousness before you step out of the shower or the visualization.

When you are done, take a big drink of pure water to replenish your liquid reserves.


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