Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

Tropical Lagoon

The intention of this visualization is to align with the element of water. Our bodies are made up of 50-75 percent water so it is natural to view this vital element as an agent of healing.

Find a comfortable position, listen to the gentle sounds of the water and move yourself in your imagination to a quiet lagoon. The water is warm, a soft breeze caresses your body and soothing waves bob under your body, supporting you completely. Relax into the water, trust it to carry and nurture you as you lie on your back in its warm embrace.

In your mind's eye, view your body in the water, take a moment to connect with this vision. Then, starting at your feet, your toes, visualize your body turning into water. The structure and shape of your body are retained but it becomes transparent, filled with water. As you work your way up your body, transforming it into a water shape, take time to identify anywhere that feels painful, tense or blocked. Visualize these areas and realize how easy it is to release any suffering from any area of your body that is water. The suffering can just disengage and float away, being transformed into silver particles of well being. The dis-ease you release will not come back to you, having been transformed by the healing waters in which you lie.

Continue working your way up your body, from your feet to your legs, hips and mid-section, to your chest and neck, down through your arms and hands and all the way up your head to the crown. Do not worry, as your body transforms you can still breathe for you are of the water and you breathe as water.

When you have completely transformed your body and released any tension or pain, lie there for a few moments, feeling what it is like to be one with water. Then begin to reverse the process, again starting at your feet. Slowly allow your body to become its physical self again, relaxed, healed and renewed. Once the transformation is complete, take a moment to just lie there, floating on the water. Allow yourself to come gently back to ordinary consciousness, visualize getting up and walking out of the water, up the beach and back to your normal life.


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