Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

Experiencing the world as another life form can open our perspective and our hearts and minds. Today you will turn your attention to trees and how they experience life on Mother Earth. The vegetal world has much to offer us as agents of healing.

Envision yourself in a grove of trees or with one single tree, any kind of tree that appeals to you. Take a moment to regard the tree - look up into its branches and leaves, let your gaze travel down its trunk to its roots, see where they dive into the soil for their nourishment. Try to see the tree as a whole being, ask the tree if it will allow your engagement with it in this visualization. If the tree is copasetic, allow your consciousness to drift into the heart of the tree.

Take a moment to orient yourself as a tree-being, look around you, what do you see? How do you see? Feel being a tree, let your focus drift up to your branches, your tree arms, see what that feels like. Move your concentration down through your trunk, feel the solidity there, the movement of your tree's circulatory system. Then let your focus drive down deep into the ground with your tree roots, feel what it is like down there in the dark, in the soil. Witness the absorption of earthy nutrients as they are absorbed by your roots, as they travel up into your tree trunk, into the light and thence to your branches and leaves to explode in color and breathe the air and the rain.

Take time to feel the soil in your tree feet, feel the breeze through your leaves in the sky, feel the solidity of your trunk as a bulwark against the elements. Imagine how you, as a tree, communicate with the animals at your feet, the birds resting and nesting in your branches. Regard the shelter that you offer them and how that makes you feel in this symbiotic relationship.

When you have gained all you can from this visualization, take a moment to breathe and thank your tree for its participation. Move slowly back to ordinary consciousness and walk through the rest of your day, rooted to the earth and reaching for the sky.


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