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As a healing ally salt is exquisitely harmonious, especially if one has an affinity for it. Salt is as vital an element for the human body as water. Containing sodium and chloride ions, it has myriad functions in the body. Among these is regulation of the fluid volume in our blood which keeps our blood pressure at healthy levels. Salt is important in proper nerve conduction and aids the passage of various nutrients into cells. It plays an important role in the functioning of our metabolism and helps normalize our hormone and electrolyte balances.

Salt has been used for thousands of years in healing, ritual and food preservation and was revered by ancient civilizations. Today there are varying opinions as to the health benefits of salt. The medical community would have us limit our salt intake to help prevent heart disease and other related illnesses. However, there are many kinds of salt available to us today and there is a cogent argument that the kind of salt we ingest makes all the difference.

On the face of it, salt is salt, right? Not necessarily. There is quite a difference between the salt on most of our tables and natural, unprocessed, unadulterated salts. The key is refined versus unrefined salts. Refined salt has been bleached, stripped of most of its elemental minerals, and often has anti-caking ingredients added. Iodine is added to most table salt to prevent goiter. But salt in its natural form has sufficient iodine, in combination with healthy dietary habits, to combat this disease. Unrefined salts can have as many as 84 essential minerals and trace elements, making them more wholesome and bio-available as food supplements or seasonings. 

These are important factors to consider when working with salt in healing. While on an energetic level, one can call on the healing medicine of Salt, if we are going to ingest it, soak in it, or use it as a scrub or gargle, it is wise to utilize the most naturally sourced salts. Following is a partial list of unrefined salts that can be found in many whole foods or health food stores.

​Hawaiian Black Lava Sea Salt                                                                    Celtic Sea Salt
Himalayan Salt                                                                                         Fleur de Sol
Kosher Salt - (check the label - not all Kosher Salt is unrefined)                 Dead Sea Salt
Unrefined Sea Salt                                                                                    Real Salt

The other salt to consider that has many healthful benefits is Epsom Salts. Chemically different from the above mentioned salts whose composition is largely sodium chloride (NaCl), Epsom salts come from the bitter saline spring in Epsom in Surrey, England. They contain magnesium, sulfur and oxygen, with the chemical formula MgSO4. 

Though of differing chemical compositions, both salt and Epsom salt share many beneficial properties. Both can be used as a detoxifying soak and Epsom salts are particularly suited to relieving muscle aches as well as increasing magnesium and sulfate levels in the body. Salt (NaCl) has antibacterial and anti-inflammatory qualities, is useful in wound treatment and as a gargle is an effective treatment for sore gums and throats. As a nasal decongestant, salt can open clogged sinus passages and soothe swollen membranes. 

Sole, (pronounced sol-ay) made from unrefined salt is a saturated solution of salt and water that has many nourishing benefits. It can be taken by the teaspoon on a daily basis in a glass of water, used in a bath or for inhalation therapy. Recipes for Sole can be found on the internet along with proportionate percentages for various uses. 

As an ally, salt gives us a primeval connection to our Earth mother. If the above mentioned methods of use do not appeal, try holding a pinch of salt crystals in your hand and meditate with the element, asking it to help remove harmful substances or energies from your body. Salt can also be kept in a small medicine bag to carry on your person. However you choose to utilize it, consider salt an integral part of your healing kit.
(Always check with your physician before commencing any supplementation program).

Note: Whatever salts you choose to work with, please bear in mind that land based salts mined from the earth are irreplaceable once they are gone, so use them judiciously and take only what you need. Pink Himalayan salt in particular is being mined at a terrific rate due to its current popularity.

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