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An intuitive health reading with Alannah of Healing Spirit Song consists of:

1) An intuitive survey conducted by me in which I will read you or your animal’s overall mental, emotional and physical condition.

2) A detailed reading of bodily structures and organ functions.

3) A reading of the condition and colors of the aura.

4) A reading of the condition and colors of the chakras.

5) A reading of the energy flow along the spine.

You will receive:

1) An email or US Mail report (your choice) detailing what has been seen in both text and illustration form. (If you choose to receive your report via email, it will be sent in a PDF).

2) A 30-45 minute phone consultation for the purpose of explaining elements 
of the reading and the opportunity for you to ask questions.

3) A medicine bag designed specifically for you or your animal.

For more in depth about the readings, please visit our Details page.

The cost of a full reading is $75.00 US.

Please feel free to contact me via regular mail or phone to request a reading. You may also fill out the form on this page or the Contact form on the Contact Us page.  If you call, please leave a message with your request, info and phone number so that I may contact you with specifics about the process and then we can proceed! Should you decide that you want to progress with a reading you will find a form on the Disclaimer page for you to read and fill out. This form can be completed and submitted on the website or can be printed and sent to the mailing address on this page.

Payment can be made in advance by credit card on the website by clicking the Add To Cart button on this page. Personal checks will also be accepted and can be sent through regular mail to the mailing address on this page.  
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Send checks or correspondence to:

Healing Spirit Song
PO Box 13153
Burton, WA  98013
(206) 463-6358

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Intuitive Health Readings
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