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In this day of miraculous achievements in all fields of medicine, people are still seeking something deeper with which to connect. In times of stress or illness many of us look for the root causes of our dis-ease, which many of us believe are most often of an energetic origin. Conventional medical methods, while extremely technically advanced, do not always offer us as full a view of our bodies and its emotional and mental associations as we might like. For those of us looking for a more natural approach, for methods and medicines derived from nature, an intuitive approach can often offer an insight that goes beyond X-rays and MRIs. While I do NOT suggest that an intuitive health reading is or should be a substitute for competent Western medical practices or naturopathic medical care, it can be a useful adjunct offering a full spectrum of analysis when combined with conventional diagnostics. For those of us with a strong spiritual life and a desire to take responsibility for our own lives and health, working with an intuitive or sensitive and working intuitively ourselves can open doors of awareness that can add a vital element to healing.

The sphere of alternative medicine is growing and intuitive health readings are a compatible element of this evolution. An intuitive analysis can be used in conjunction with both conventional and alternative healing methods. Healing techniques such as energy healing; distance healing; aura and chakra work can compliment Western medicine without conflict. Intuitive health readings can be a significant part of this holistic approach to both human and animal healing.

Please take some time to explore the links on this page which provide more information on intuitive health readings and see if this might be a helpful aid to you in your quest for healing.
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