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The intuitive process may be a bit perplexing to those who haven't encountered it or have not experienced an intuitive reading. Metaphysical terms such as auras and chakras need demystifying, and the process the reader goes through, if clarified, may lead to greater understanding of the elements of the reading and how the client can utilize them for their own healing.

What I seek to offer here is further elucidation of these elements. I will explain my perspectives on auras, chakras and energy flow as well as explain how I view the organ systems, skeletal structures and circulatory system. Also included are overviews of the way the mental and emotional states of clients appear to me.
To that end, please visit the tabs on the sub-menu of this page for explanations of specific areas of the readings. Each page navigated to will also have the sub-menu so that you can move seamlessly through the elements.

Lastly, people often ask me how an intuitive reading works, what state I am in when I perform a reading. If you are curious about my process, please visit the Practitioner tab.
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