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I, the undersigned, have read and understand the following disclaimer and agree to the terms of this Intuitive Health Reading.

A. I am over 18 years of age and/or am the legal guardian of the recipient of this reading.

B. I wish to obtain an Intuitive Health Reading for myself or my animal.

C. I understand that the receipt of an Intuitive Health Reading does not constitute a physician/patient relationship between client and reader. I understand that this reading does not purport to be medical or psycho-therapeutic in nature and that this is a reading of an energetic profile only and that it in no way seeks to replicate or replace medical diagnosis for people or animals. None of the recommendations given assert that they are a substitute for medical treatment or professionally prescribed pharmaceuticals and any recommendations will be limited to work with allies or modalities in an energetic fashion. No attempt will be made to prescribe courses of medical treatment. Healing Spirit Song always strongly recommends consultation with licensed, board certified health care providers for any health concerns for people or animals.

D. I agree to and understand the charges for this reading.

E. I understand that if follow-up readings are desired by me, these will incur new charges not related to the initial reading.

F. I understand that if the reader is unable or unwilling to perform this reading in full I will receive a refund of my payment in full.

G. I agree that the intuitive reader shall be exempt from any and all injury or legal action relating to this intuitive reading.

H. I understand that any and all communication between reader and client will remain strictly confidential. Any and all reports generated by the reader, whether electronic or hard copy will be solely for the purpose of reference. Any copies the reader retains will remain in the reader's possession and will not be shared with any third parties.
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Intuitive Health Readings
ServicesDetailsDisclaimerReading Elements

ServicesDetailsDisclaimerReading Elements