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Intuitive readings are as varied as the people who request them, and the animals for whom they are requested. What is seen for you or your animal friend may or may not parallel a reading done for another. The amount of detail also varies. I do have a template that I try to follow for each reading in an attempt to be as inclusive as possible, but I also allow the reading to take me wherever it leads me.

During the reading I may see things that will not necessarily make sense to me, but that may make sense to you, or they may mystify both of us for a time! Organs and bodily structures are often seen clearly, but sometimes I will see areas of light, color or symbols that may signify something to me or to the client. These can be areas of concern or of instruction and can be discussed during our phone consult.

As to aura viewings, I find them interesting but my sense of them is that they are not particularly diagnostic as they are so changeable due to mood, time of day etc. You can take from my viewing of them what you will.

The chakras, on the other hand, in the etheric body, do influence the functioning of the physical body and a scan of them can reveal ways in which you may be able to work with them in order to move in a healing way. As a beginning introduction to the chakras, I would recommend having a look at Loren Cruden's book Spirit of Place under the chapters on "Chakra Work" to see what adjustments, meditations and visualizations can be done with the chakras. It is a wonderful book as a whole, with many practices that can augment your own spiritual practice, if that pleases. 

Sometimes when working with a client I will get a sense of what stones and/or herbs might have a beneficial or healing effect and this is what the little medicine bags are about. If you like, I will put together a bag just for you or your animal, containing the elements and prayers for healing that may serve. These bags are done in a ceremonial and prayerful way, calling on the powers of nature and healing.

My sense is that medicine bags work in an energetic fashion, the prayers and invoking of healing intent is just as much a part of the "medicine" as the objects contained within the bags. A list of the elements contained within the bag and description of their correspondences based on my spiritual instruction and my senses of them will accompany the medicine bag.

There are probably as many interpretations of what various stones and herbs supposedly do as there are practitioners and while further investigation of these elements is encouraged, (reading about them etc.), I also encourage some one-on-one time with the elements themselves, either by physically holding them or visualizing them to get an intimate and personal sense of each one's particular medicine. Let your own intuition be your guide.

Medicine bags are a very personal item, crafted for the individual client or animal, so I would caution you to use discretion when showing them to friends and family. Once assembled, it is wise to leave them unopened by anyone who is not the recipient. 

Some bags will be given to you to keep unopened, especially if they are for an animal. Bags for clients can either be carried on your person, kept under the pillow on your bed, placed on an altar or reside in an area you consider sacred. Some of the bags for clients or their animals will be "working" bags and will come with suggestions as to how to work with the elements in them on an interconnected basis. For the recipient, or those working on behalf of an animal, taking the elements out of these "working" bags is definitely OK, but the same cautions apply when sharing them with friends.

I hope you will enjoy exploring intuitive health readings and that you will find them helpful in whatever way serves your well-being.

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Intuitive Health Readings
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