Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

Sunlight Through Trees
In this age of fast paced, complicated lives filled with infinite stressors, people need a way to decompress, relax and regain their composure and focus. Alignment with nature is one of the best ways to achieve a sense of serenity and reconnect with our innate spirit. For those who have difficulty finding opportunities to commune with nature outdoors, we offer these visualizations with accompanying sounds of nature so that you may find a few minutes peace in your busy day. 

The visualizations found here have a threefold purpose:  

  • To allow the user to find a place of peace and serenity by taking time in the day to focus on self-renewal.
  • To align with an element of nature - to nurture lost connections with the natural world.
  • To promote an environment where self-healing can occur.

Take a few moments to read the visualizations, then listen to the sounds as you enact them in your mind. Take as much time as you need with each visualization. There is no right amount of time to spend with them except what is right for you. When you feel you have achieved a sense of harmony or have reached the end of your visualization, give yourself a moment to re-engage ordinary consciousness and return to your tasks; hopefully relaxed, invigorated and renewed.

Navigate to the visualization or scene of your choice on the sub-menu, either by clicking on the text link or the accompanying thumbnail. Sounds will not play until the player is turned on, or can be left off if you prefer a silent meditation.

Tropical Water
Stone Circle
Pink Sky