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Working with allies from nature is a blessing. Beyond their capacity to help us heal, relationships with allies can expand our awareness and open avenues of communication and community we may have never thought possible. It takes is a willingness to be open and receptive, reverent and humble. If we approach our fellow earth dwellers with respect, it is highly likely that they will be willing to share their lives, their stories and their medicine with us.

If we accept the premise that everything in our world is energetic - that is to say created from energy, powered and nourished by energy - endless possibilities open for communication within the realm of the Earth and her denizens. The solid barriers that we perceive as impenetrable fall away when we can tap into the energetic reality. There is a common language spoken across all the realms of earthly manifestation. It is the language of Love. The language of Love knows no boundaries, no dialects, no differences between forms and organisms. It is an energetic language that speaks to all of the Earth. It is the communication that binds us together and makes healing possible.

The world is a magnificently complex and diverse place. Every aspect of nature has its own energies, its own medicine to contribute to the web of life. Embarking on the adventure of getting to know all the lives around us can be exhilarating and the possibilities for our growth are boundless.

The pages you will find on the sub-menu have general guidelines and cautions for working with natural allies, counsel for work with specific allies or classes of allies, and suggestions for exercises to do that can help strengthen your awareness of and relationship with the natural world. You may also find that doing some of the visualizations on our Healing Visualizations pages can open a doorway to alliance.

I wish you blessings on your journey. Remember that you too, have your own medicine to bring to these engagements. What is sought is participation in an exchange that benefits the well being of all.

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