Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

This visualization will call into being a healing ally. This can be a human or animal ally, or an ally from nature such as a rock or a tree, anyone that you trust to help you with your most personal needs. It might be a family member, a friend, a spiritual mentor, a physician, a tree you climbed in your youth, a rock you found on the beach, or a long lost pet. Or you can take a moment and clear you mind and see who comes to you in the form of a guide. Whatever is most comfortable for you is what is best. With whomever you feel safe is who should be your ally here. Remember that while we seek help from others for healing, we must participate. Ultimately we are our own healers.

Place yourself in a comfortable position, take a moment to breathe and relax. Call forth your ally. 

Take time to see your ally, their aspect. Communicate with them in your mind's eyes and ears. Let them know your concerns. then relax and let your ally guide your healing session. 

Watch as they pass their hands, or paws! over you, feel the healing energy they impart. See whatever there is to see. Have no fear. Allow whatever your ally needs to help you. If you find your visualized self levitating so that your ally can address all areas of your body, allow this in the visualization. If your ally uses tools such as water, smoke, stones or light, give them the space to employ these tools. If you are asked to ingest something in the visualization, know that your ally has your well being at heart. If you receive healing information from your ally as to lifestyle changes, dietary changes or supplements, make note of these to be researched after your visualization, there is a wealth of knowledge inside you that you may not know about, and resources that you can tap in this way.

When you and your ally feel that this healing session is finished, take a moment to absorb all that you have experienced and learned. Thank your ally for their help, ask if you may call on them again in the future for further sessions. Give yourself a moment to return to ordinary consciousness and face the rest of your day with a sense of renewal and well being.


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