Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

Fire, in all of its manifestations - spiritual fire; fire in the belly; the sun that warms our planet and gives us light - is a great healer and motivator. Passion ignites and we are spurred to action; warmth eases pain and awakens that which is frozen; light pierces darkness, revealing wonders. 

The Sun, that brilliant orb in the sky that enables life on our Earth mother is the focus of this visualization. Imagine yourself outside in the sunshine, or lie out on a sunny day. The day is pleasantly warm, not too hot. A gentle breeze wafts over your body. You can feel the subtle warmth of the sun's rays soaking into your body. You begin to relax into the glow of light and warmth around you.

Focus on that feeling, how your body warms and softens in response to the Sun. Feel the Sun all around and through you. Move your attention to any areas of your body that feel blocked or painful, visualize a glow of healing warmth in those areas. Let the Sun's healing power penetrate those areas of discomfort, let the Sun gently burn the dis-ease out of them, replacing the pain with healing, renewing light. Feel those areas of your body warm as your very cells are replaced and renewed with healthy, strong ones.

When you have moved through all the areas of your body that give you discomfort, focus your attention on your Solar Plexus in the mid-section of your body, just above the navel. This is the seat of the Sun in your body, the center of your will and inspiration. Let the light and warmth of the Sun light up this area, imparting strength, passion and zest for life to your body and your soul. Stay with this part of the visualization for a moment, feel the Sun's strength and life affirming power radiate outward from your center to all the parts of your body. See your whole self as a glow of yellow light, feel how it energizes you.

When you have soaked in this glow for a bit, gently bring yourself back to ordinary consciousness, thank the Sun for its gifts of light and life. Move through the rest of your day warmed, relaxed, energized, alive.


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