Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

Earth & Stones
Earth is our home, our mother. We are made up of her minerals, her waters, her air and the fire in her belly. Our flesh is her flesh. Aligning ourselves with our mother, allowing ourselves to be nourished by her strengthens us, sustains us and heals us.

​For this visualization imagine yourself lying on the Earth, this can be done either outside or inside, it is simply a matter of moving your consciousness through the chair and the floor to connect with the Earth.

As you see yourself lying on the Earth, sink your awareness to where your body is in contact with her. Feel her under you, feel how she supports you. Relax into that support. Sink your awareness deeper into her bosom. Feel the nourishing elements that the Earth imparts to you, how her minerals feed your body; how her waters hydrate you; how her air fills your lungs; how her fire ignites you.

Take some time to feel the healing that the Earth offers. Your pain and suffering can sink into her, to be transformed by her into particles of well being.

Allow yourself to really feel the Earth, listen to what she has to say to you. Understand that you do not stand apart from her but are part of everything that she is - the elements; the animals, the plants; the stones. Speak back to the Earth in your mind's voice, ask her what you can do for her. Not what you've been told to do, but really LISTEN to what she has to say.

Know that the Earth has always supported you, even when you have felt adrift. And she will continue to support you throughout your time here.

When your communication is complete, allow yourself a moment to return to ordinary consciousness and move softly through the rest of your day.


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