Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

Eagle on Water
Alignment with animals is the focus of this visualization. By employing the tools of your imagination to "shape-shift" into the animal of your choice, you can gain a deeper understanding of animals and the world and experience life in present moment.

Consider an animal you have always admired or one with whom you have an affinity. Picture that animal in your mind's eye. When the vision is clear ask the animal if it is acceptable to them to briefly share their experience of life. If the answer you receive is "yes," slowly move your consciousness into that animal's body. 

When you feel that you have fully inhabited the animal's body, take time to experience your environment through their senses. Look around you with their eyes; listen to the world through their ears; feel the ground with their paws or hooves, feel water with their fins. Sniff the smells in the air with your new olfactory sense; taste what they eat with your animal mouth.

Begin to move as your animal. What does it feel like to move on four legs, flap your wings in the air, or move your tail like a rudder through the water? 

What new information are you gleaning of the world around you as someone else? Are you seeing, hearing, smelling or sensing things that you haven't before? Perspective can be opened as we move from our normal view to that of another.

Take as much time as you need to really feel what it is like to be inside another creature, the understandings you gain from this exercise will broaden your experience of nature and her world.

When you have reached the end of your visualization or exhausted your concentration, take a moment to breathe, thank your animal for their participation and return to ordinary consciousness, enriched by your insights.


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