Healing Spirit Song
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4 Point Celtic Knot

In this visualization we will explore the healing possibilities inherent in the company of animals. You may have a dog or cat or other animal companion that you wish to share this journey with. If not, you may have in mind an animal that you would like to be your companion and can call on the spirit of Dog, Cat, Rabbit or Turtle - whichever animal you have an affinity with.

Relax, breathe and center and call forth your chosen animal companion. Picture them at your side, outdoors in nature in a place that pleases both of you. 

Begin to take a walk with your animal companion, stopping along the way to enjoy the sights, sounds, and smells of your environment. Communicate with your animal companion. This can take the form of words, gestures, or silent interaction.

When it feels appropriate, reach out and touch your animal companion, stroke them, feel their animal-ness; carry them if they are small and willing.

Experience on your walk together the warmth of companionship, the unconditional love that animals give. Feel the love in your heart reaching out to your companion and the joy that it brings to both of you.

At some point in the visualization, stop for a while in a pleasant spot and sit or lie down with your animal. Feel the comfort that being close brings to both of you, gladdening your hearts and warming your spirits.

When the two of you have finished your walk together, express your gratitude to your animal for their company, feel the love that has grown between you, and the healing that can occur.

Allow yourself a moment to return to ordinary consciousness and move through the rest of your day, warmed by the thought of your companion, knowing that you are loved.

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